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Category: wholesale sugar

Premium wholesale sugar  ICUMSA 35 Sugar – Ideal for Food & Beverage Production

Our company is a leading Brazil-based manufacturer of high-quality ICUMSA 35 refined sugar suited for large-scale food and beverage applications. As an established sugar supplier, we produce premium ICUMSA 35 sugar meeting strict industrial standards.

100% Pure Cane Sugar

Our ICUMSA 35 sugar starts from 100% natural sugar cane grown in Brazil’s optimal climate. It gets refined, filtered, and crystalized into a final ultra-pure form ideal for commercial use. We control the full production process to guarantee sugar quality.

Refined to Perfection

The ICUMSA 35 grade represents the highest tier of purity according to the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis. Our refined sugar is expertly processed to remove impurities until reaching superior color, texture, and sweetness.

Free Flowing Crystals

Our production methods yield a sparkling white final product with wonderfully free flowing granulated crystals ready for precision industrial batching. The consistency avoids clumping or sticking.

Tailored for Food & Beverage Production

With exceptional purity and solubility, our ICUMSA 35 sugar dissolves beautifully in commercial beverage applications for reliable sweetness without sediment. The neutral flavor also suits large-scale candy, ice cream, cereal, canned food, and baking goods manufacturing.

Order Reliable Supply from Our Factory

As an established Brazil sugar producer, we maintain ample refining capacity and warehouse inventory to cover high-volume B2B customer orders, including:

wholesale ICUMSA 100 CANE SUGAR

ICUMSA 100 Cane Sugar is produced through a crystallization process without chemical refining, ensuring a product known for its excellent crystalline shape and purity. Our ready stock of sugar in a sophisticated warehouse facilitates timely deliveries. We provide ICUMSA 100 Sugar in both containerized and bulk quantities from Brazil to global destinations at competitive prices.

CANE SUGAR, ICUMSA 100, is favored by many customers due to its minimal chemical content and lower cost compared to White Refined Sugar, ICUMSA 45. Our sugar undergoes a crystallization process without chemical refining, maintaining its high quality.

The sugar offered by us is renowned for its superior crystalline shape and purity. To ensure its safety and timely delivery, we store sugar in our well-maintained warehouse. Additionally, we take measures to preserve the purity of our products by packaging them in hygienic and quality materials. As a leading sugar mill globally, Asia Sugar Mills Ltd meets bulk demands with the utmost efficiency and quality.


We are a supplier of ICUMSA 45 Sugar, which represents the most refined category of sugar.

ICUMSA Sugar, in its White Refined form, exhibits a brilliant white color and is typically directly marketed to consumers in the form of sugar cubes, bags, and sachets.

This type of sugar is ideal for human consumption and finds application in various food products.

Its consistent high demand is attributed to its status as the safest sugar form, as the refining process eliminates bacteria and contaminants commonly found in raw sugars.


Brown cane sugar, also known as ICUMSA 600-1200, is a type of brown sugar produced after the initial crystallization of sugar cane.
It has a rougher texture compared to white sugar and possesses a brownish color. When fully refined, brown cane sugar yields about 70 percent white sugar by weight.
Natural brown sugar contains more molasses, contributing to a higher mineral content.

To ensure the best quality for our customers, we refine raw sugar, eliminating impurities in the process.

The specifications for our brown cane sugar adhere to ICUMSA 600-1200 standards, including criteria such as polarity at 20°C (97.8% to 99.2%), sulphate content (maximum 0.15%), ash content (maximum 0.15% by weight), moisture (maximum 0.15%), solubility (97% dry and free-flowing), radiation within normal levels without the presence of caesium or iodine, golden brown color, new crop, granulation (1.00-1.5mm), and reducing sugar (maximum 0.05% by weight). The substance is presented in solid crystal form.


Provider of ICUMSA 30 and ICUMSA 45 sugar, distributor of raw sugar, and supplier of white refined cane sugar. Offered types include Refined Cane Sugar from Brazil and ICUMSA sugar.

The ICUMSA 150 sugar produced by Brazilian sugar manufacturers is a refined white sugar. While not as refined as ICUMSA 45 sugar, ICUMSA 150 sugar still meets food-grade standards and is commonly utilized by manufacturers producing food items where less stringent refining requirements for sugar are acceptable compared to sugar directly sold to consumers.

ICUMSA 150 sugar is considered relatively highly refined, especially when compared to higher ICUMSA-rated sugars that can go up to ICUMSA 4600 or more.

However, these higher-rated sugars are unsuitable for human consumption due to elevated levels of contamination and bacteria.

ICUMSA (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis) Ratings provide a standardized measure of sugar refinement established by the international body mentioned above.

These ratings enable Brazilian sugar suppliers to engage in secure sugar trade across international borders.

wholesale organic beet sugar

Distribution of wholesale organic white beet sugar, often white, is derived from either sugarcane or sugar beet, and it is typically marketed without explicitly stating its plant source. This is due to the fact that, from a chemical standpoint, both products share identical properties. Refined table sugar is essentially pure, crystallized sucrose, similar to how pure salt consists of sodium chloride.

While sucrose occurs naturally in honey, dates, and sugar maple sap, it is most concentrated in sugarcane and sugar beet.

The refining process effectively separates sucrose from its original plant source, making the distinction between sugarcane and sugar beet irrelevant in the final product. Sugar beets are cultivated in colder climates where sugarcane cannot thrive.

Vhp Brown Sugar Suppliers and Manufacturers

VHP Brown Sugar stands out as the leading global raw sugar export due to its exceptionally high sucrose content, resulting in a greater quantity of sugar per shipment. Its quick and straightforward refining process makes it the preferred choice, and a significant portion of ICUMSA 45 refined white sugar is derived from VHP for this reason.

In certain regions, VHP brown sugar is also directly consumed and utilized in baking and cooking.

The majority of the world’s VHP sugar is manufactured in Brazil from sugar cane.

Globally, this is the type of sugar we predominantly offer. If you require refined sugar, we can also fulfill that need—feel free to reach out to us with a message.

wholesale bulk granulated sugar

Bulk granulated sugar, often referred to as white or table sugar, boasts an exceptionally fine texture, ensuring complete dissolution in various mixtures such as sauces, batters, and beverages.

Moreover, bulk granulated sugar’s light and airy consistency makes it ideal for sprinkling along the edges of drink glasses and plates. Opting for bulk granulated sugar not only provides a cost-effective solution but also reduces the frequency of orders needed.

Bulk dry container loads

Flexible monthly supply contracts
Custom packaging/private label
Trust our ICUMSA 35 sugar to deliver premium quality and value for food, confectionery, and beverage producers. Contact our sales team today for competitive insider pricing!

Send us your inquiry by filling out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours

Send us your inquiry by filling out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours