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VHP sugar, short for Very High Polarity sugar and also referred to as Hi-Pol Sugar, is a raw sugar characterized by its light brown color and a polarity (pol) exceeding 99.4%. The term “pol” denotes the percentage of sucrose within a given mass of raw sugar.




600 ICUMSA – Maximum 1500 ICUMSA

PolarizationMinimum 98.50 Degree Polarization (0Z)
MoistureMaximum 0.2 Percent by weight
Conductivity AshMaximum 0.8 Percent by weight
Invert SugarMaximum 0.8 Percent by weight
Average Size0.85 mm
Target M.A0.7 – 1.2 mm
SedimentsMaximum 0.07 Percent by weight
ArsenicMaximum 0.50 mg/kg
LeadMaximum 0.50 mg/kg
CopperMaximum 1.50 mg/kg



Brazilian VHP sugar, also recognized as Hi-Pol Sugar, is a variant of raw sugar characterized by its elevated sucrose content, surpassing 99.4%.

Originating from sugarcane cultivated in Brazil’s prominent sugar-producing regions, namely the Center-South and North Northeast areas, this sugar variety holds substantial global appeal.

Its noteworthy attributes include the high sucrose concentration and the simplicity of the refining process. Mainly employed as a raw material for refining purposes, it is extensively exported worldwide to facilitate the production of refined sugar.

The widespread adoption of Brazilian VHP sugar can be attributed to its superior sucrose levels and minimal impurities, rendering it a cost-effective and straightforward option for refining when compared to conventional raw sugars.


Introducing Brazilian VHP Sugar, a pinnacle of sweetness and purity. Derived from the sugar heartlands of Brazil, this Hi-Pol Sugar is renowned for its outstanding quality, boasting a sucrose content exceeding 99.4%. Crafted with precision by skilled millers, it stands as the ultimate raw material for the refining process, ensuring a seamless journey to the finest refined sugar. With its global acclaim and user-friendly nature, Brazilian VHP Sugar emerges as the preferred choice for confectioneries, bakeries, and households around the world. Enhance your culinary creations with this premium and highly sought-after ingredient. Immerse yourself in the taste of excellence with Brazilian VHP Sugar.

Wholesale VHP and Cane Sugar for Europe’s

Europe relies on imported raw and refined cane sugar to meet strong regional demand from confectioners, bottlers, food manufacturers and other large-volume industrial buyers. We offer wholesale European businesses competitively priced sugar inventory direct from premier growing regions.

Sugar Wholesale Europe Suppliers

As one of Europe’s largest sugar suppliers, we’ve cultivated direct relationships with producers in Brazil, Thailand, India and elsewhere enabling aggressive sugar pricing for EU food companies even amid fluctuating commodities markets.

Cheap Sugar Wholesale Europe

Backed by our buying power, we pass on savings to customers struggling with tighter budgets so they can maintain quality while controlling input costs. This makes us an ideal sugar wholesale Europe partner for keeping your material costs low.

Bulk Sugar Wholesale Europe

With storage warehouses spanning the EU, we consolidate container to full vessel loads of VHP, ICUMSA 45 and other raw and refined sugar varieties for just-in-time bulk delivery per individual user requirements.

Best Sugar Wholesale Europe

We’ve been recognized as the best sugar supplier across Europe owing to our track record of consistent purity grades, proactive customer communication and going beyond expectations to add value.

Cane Sugar Wholesale Europe

Our cane sugar inventory arrives fresh yearly from respected grower regions to ensure European food manufacturers access the high-quality ingredient required for consumer products.

Rely on us for all your affordable VHP and refined sugar import needs – delivered promptly across Europe.


Packaging and delivery details for VHP SUGAR WHOLESALE price

Product: VHP Raw Cane Sugar

– 50 kg polypropylene bags
– 25 kg polypropylene bags
– Other bag sizes: 10kg, 5kg, 2kg, 1kg, 500g

Monthly Supply Volume:
– Minimum: 6,000 metric tons
– Maximum: 32,000 metric tons

20′ Container Load:
– 500 x 50 kg bags (25 metric tons)

We can deliver wholesale VHP sugar worldwide with ample Brazilian stocks and established global shipping networks via containers, bulk vessels or rail.

For all contract and spot inquires large and small, please contact us directly with your target monthly volumes so we can rapidly provide a competitive quote and estimated lead time for fulfilling refined or raw sugar requirements. We welcome any shipment size and offer various packing/loading options to simplify purchasing.


Documents Provided: Exporters of  VHP SUGAR WHOLESALE

  1. Commercial Invoice – Details the specifications, pricing, quantities, parties involved in the raw sugar export order.
  2. Packing List – Specifies packaging type used and exact quantity per bag, pallet, container etc.
  3. Full Set Bill of Lading – Outlines routing and title of the sugar cargo shipment.
  4. Certificate of Quality, Weight, Quantity – Inspected by world renowned firm SGS attesting sugar grade, net weight, compliance with buyer order
  5. Certificate of Origin – Confirms the Brazilian manufacturing origin of the VHP sugar
  6. Fumigation Certificate – Verifies fumigation treatment prior to export
  7. Phytosanitary Certificate – Certifies the agricultural cargo conforms to phytosanitary import requirements
  8. Insurance Policy – Insures goods for damage/loss (for CIF shipments)

These documents enable smooth clearance, release of cargo and payments for clients importing VHP raw sugar from Brazilian origins. We directly handle verification requirements for rapid processing of wholesale raw sugar orders.


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Send us your inquiry by filling out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours