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wholesale sugarcane molasses

Discover the Wholesale Advantage of Premium Brazilian Sugarcane Molasses

As one of Brazil’s leading sugarcane molasses producers, we offer bulk buyers around the globe access to a premium nutritious sweetener at the best possible price. Our commitment to state-of-the-art processing and quality assurance practices enables competitively-priced molasses tailored to industrial ingredient applications.


Shelf Life2 years
Place of OriginBrazil
Product TypeSugar
ICUMSA45 max
Brix (%)75
Purity (%)100
Weight (kg)1
Brand Name99 Gold Data
Model NumberStella (+84 587 176 063)
Primary IngredientCane Sugar
ColorBrown, Natural Black
Brix (%)75
KeywordsSugar Cane Molasses
PackagingFlexi Bag, Flexi Tank
Purity (%)100%
Shelf Life2 years



wholesale sugarcane molasses

What is Sugarcane Molasses?

wholesale sugarcane molasses is a viscous, dark brown syrup that is a byproduct of the sugar making process. It is derived from the juice extracted from mature sugarcane stalks during sugar manufacturing. Sugarcane molasses contains uncrystallized sugars like sucrose, glucose and fructose along with other compounds like organic acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Sugarcane Molasses Composition

The exact composition of sugarcane molasses can vary substantially depending on the sugarcane variety, growth conditions and sugar extraction process parameters. However, typical composition is:

  • Sucrose: 30-50%
  • Glucose and Fructose: 10-20%
  • Nitrogenous Compounds: 5-10%
  • Ash: 8-12%
  • Water: 12-25%

The sucrose sugar content makes sugarcane molasses a potential feedstock for fermentation to manufacture products like ethanol, citric acid and yeast. The other nutrients also provide value in agricultural applications.

Production Process Overview

wholesale sugarcane molasses is derived from the repeated boiling and crystallization steps involved in making table sugar. After extracting and clarifying the sugarcane juice, it gets concentrated into syrup. This undergoes various vacuum pans and centrifugation cycles to crystallize and separate purified sugar crystals. The residual dark brown syrup is molasses. Further processing can remove more sucrose to make high-fructose molasses or leave it for applications valuing the inherent sugars.

Key Applications of Sugarcane Molasses

Molasses for Animal Feed

The high residual sugar levels, along with other nutrients like amino acids, make sugarcane molasses a healthy supplement to animal feeds across livestock species:

Added Nutrition

Molasses contains easily digestible carbohydrates to provide energy and aid animal growth and milk production. The trace nutrients also complement standard feed ingredients.

Palatability Enhancer

The sweet taste and sticky texture increase palatability so animals eat more. This maximizes nutrition intake.

Dust Suppressant

Molasses increases feed moisture level, reducing dust. This improves air quality in barns protecting animal and human respiratory systems. It also results in less feed waste.

Binding Agent

Sticky molasses helps bind feed ingredients together to make quality feed pellets and blocks. This reduces crumbling and nutrients getting “picked out”.


As a waste product requiring disposal, molasses offers an inexpensive way improve feed nutrition and manufacture. Typical inclusion rates range from 2-5%.

Sugarcane Molasses for Ethanol Production

Given its high fermentable sugar levels, using sugarcane molasses as feedstock for ethanol fermentation avoids waste disposal needs and provides a renewable fuel source. Molasses-based ethanol also benefits from reduced feedstock and processing costs compared to using grains like corn.

Sugarcane Molasses for Yeast Manufacturing

The sugars in molasses can also get converted to single cell protein through yeast fermentation. Baker’s yeast and nutritional yeast represent high-value products contributing to food supplies.

Additional Sugarcane Molasses Uses

Other uses ofwholesale sugarcane molasses benefiting from its composition include:

  • Microbial fermentations to produce citric acid, lactic acid, MSG and more
  • Binding agent in mud drilling operations
  • Raw material in commercial vinegar manufacturing
  • Feedstocks for wastewater remediation and bio-plastic production
  • Ingredient in cattle feed blocks and lick feeders

Future Outlook

Several trends will shape future production and applications of sugarcane molasses:

Increasing Ethanol Demand

Rising biofuel usage should spur sugarcane processing to boost molasses output for cost-efficient ethanol manufacturing.

Specialty Yeast Popularity

Growing artisanal baking and shifting nutrition preferences should continue increasing demand for specialty yeasts. This creates new markets for sugarcane molasses.

Developing Functional Ingredients

Advancing scientific insights into trace nutrient bioactivity will support product innovations using sugarcane molasses as an economical base ingredient.

Overall, transforming sugarcane molasses from a waste stream into high-value co-products should provide growth opportunities across agricultural, biofuel and specialty chemical sectors.

  packaging and delivery details for wholesale sugarcane molasses:


We offer flexible wholesale sugarcane molasses packaging options:

– 200L Food-grade Steel Drums
– 1000L IBC Totes
– Flexitanks (16,000 – 24,000L)
– ISO Tank Containers (20,000 – 26,000L)

These industrial bulk packaging choices allow for efficient transport and dispensing. We can also customize retail-sized plastic jugs or bags from 5L to 25L on request.

Monthly Production Volume

Our molasses production capacity enables reliable large-scale supply:

– Minimum: 500 metric tons per month
– Maximum: 2,000 metric tons per month

This scalable output can accommodate wholesale sugarcane molasses orders from a few containers to full vessel loads.

Delivery Lead Times

We strategically warehouse molasses inventory to support quick dispatch:

– Container Loads: 4-7 days to destination port
– Vessel Loads: 6-8 weeks ex-factory loaded

With production planning aligned with customary shipping routes to Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East, we succeed in prompt molasses deliveries.

Get started on sourcing your next wholesale sugarcane molasses shipment – contact our sales team with your target order parameters.

Here is a rewritten version:

Discover Premium Quality Sugarcane Molasses

Are you seeking a reliable and nutritious sugarcane molasses supplier for your food production or industrial needs? As a leading manufacturer, we specialize in producing top-quality sugarcane molasses appreciated by customers worldwide for both quality and value.

Our sugarcane molasses originate from the young, juice-rich stalks freshly harvested at optimum ripeness. State-of-the-art extraction retaining vital nutrients combines with meticulous monitoring meeting the highest purity and consistency benchmarks.

With decades of experience perfecting molasses production, we expertly control processing parameters to yield molasses with these key virtues:

➡️ Guaranteed 90 Brix concentration level

➡️ Unmatched flavor subtly sweet with hints of caramel

➡️ Viscous texture and deep brown hue

➡️ Fortified with minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium

Trusted Applications

The nutritional density and versatility of our sugarcane molasses makes it suitable for:

▫ Formulating livestock feed supplements

▫ Enhancing taste and fermentation of rums

▫ Economical biofuel feedstock

▫ Raw material for baker’s yeast manufacturing

With scalable supply and dependability exporters rely on, we invite you to explore how our sugarcane molasses can streamline production and improve quality. Request a sample to unlock the advantages of partnering for this functional sweetener.


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