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wholesale bulk granulated sugar

Nutrition Information: Nutritional values per 100 grams Energy Content: 1700 Kj / 400 kcal Fat: 0 g

  • Saturated Fat: 0 g Carbohydrates: 100 g
  • Sugars (Mono- and Disaccharides): 100 g Proteins: 0 g Salt: 0 g


wholesale bulk granulated sugar

Cargill’s granulated sugar, classified as a food-grade product, is created through the crystallization of a purified and filtered thick juice syrup extracted from sugar beets or sugar cane.

The resulting product is then dried and screened to yield the widely favored sugar grades. With a white color, it possesses a sucrose content of no less than 99.85 percent. Depending on the market location, this product may be alternatively known as Fine Granulated Sugar or Extra Fine Granulated Sugar.


Getting the Best Deal on Bulk Granulated Sugar

Securing the lowest price on wholesale granulated sugar is key for food manufacturers and restaurants looking to control ingredient costs. This article compares sugar rates across major B2B platforms.

Bulk Granulated Sugar Pricing on Top B2B Marketplaces

Site50lb Bag Price1000lb+ Bulk Price
Alibaba.comStarts around $24 (~$0.48/lb)500kg (1100 lbs) bags around $150 ($0.33/lb)
GlobalSources.comListed from $29+ (~$0.58+/lb)1000lb sacks around $0.44/lb
FB FoodServiceAround $27 (~$0.54/lb)Large bulk sizes unlisted
WebstaurantStoreStarts $51 ($1.02/lb)Bulk sizes unlisted

Key Points

  • Prices fluctuate widely based on quantity and source location
  • Alibaba has best bulk rates but very high order minimums
  • Domestic providers like FB FoodService offer affordability and consistency
  • Compare $/lb across bag sizes – bigger doesn’t always mean cheaper

Strategies for Scoring Optimal Bulk Sugar Rates

  • Benchmark supplier rates in table format
  • Account for shipping fees if sourcing internationally
  • Buy domestic for consistency or imported for extreme value
  • Leverage high-volume contracts to get best custom pricing

In summary, mixing different sourcing avenues aligns with budget and inventory needs. Let demand levels dictate whether you source domestically or explore Alibaba, GlobalSources and other overseas wholesalers shipping bulk sugar at ultra-low rates.

Refined Sugar Specifications

Component Limit
Sucrose Purity ≥ 99.85%
Insoluble Sediments ≤ 5 ppm visible
Ash Content ≤ 0.025%
Moisture ≤ 0.035%
Color ≤ 45 ICUMSA units
Invert Sugar ≤ 0.050%
Sulfite (SO2) < 10 ppm
Visible Impurities ≤ 2 per 500 grams
Odor Free of Foreign Odors
Granulation ≤ 2% Retained on U.S. #20 sieve ≥ 10% Passing U.S. #100 sieve
Microbiological Limits Mesophilic Bacteria – ≤200 CFU/10g Yeast – ≤10 CFU/10g Mold – ≤10 CFU/10g


Wholesale bulk granulated sugar suppliers near me

As a bulk sweetener supplier, foodguys has been supplying bulk sweeteners, wholesale sugar substitutes, and bulk ingredients to manufacturers around the world.


Bulk granulated sugar, commonly referred to as white or table sugar, possesses an exceptionally fine texture, enabling it to dissolve thoroughly in a variety of mixtures, such as sauces, batters, and beverages.

Furthermore, bulk sugar, also known as granulated sugar, exhibits a light and airy texture, making it ideal for sprinkling along the edges of drink glasses and plates.

The primary benefit of choosing bulk granulated sugar lies in its cost-effectiveness, providing a more economical option while requiring less frequent ordering.

Types of Wholesale Bulk Granulated Sugar

A. wholesale White Granulated Sugar

The most common and widely used type, white granulated sugar, is known for its versatility and ability to dissolve easily. It is a key component in baking and general culinary applications.

B. Wholesale Brown Granulated Sugar

With its subtle molasses flavor, brown granulated sugar adds depth to recipes. It’s favored in certain baked goods and dishes where a hint of caramel undertone is desired.

C. Wholesale  Organic Options

As consumer preferences shift towards organic and non-GMO choices, suppliers now offer wholesale bulk granulated sugar sourced from organically grown sugar cane or sugar beets.

Benefits of Partnering With a Bulk Granulated Sugar Supplier

By partnering with bulk granulated sugar. for your wholesale white sugar requirements, manufacturers and formulators gain several advantages:

  • Just-in-time bulk sugar delivery in railcars, tankers, totes, or bags
  • Flexible scheduling and high fill-rate ordering
  • Custom granulation, moisture content, and refine to your specifications
  • Kosher and organic certification available
  • Expert assistance meeting food safety and compliance standards
  • Volume discounts and minimized lead times
  • Reduced product loss with climate-controlled storage

wholesale bulk granulated sugar

Product: Refined bulk granulated sugar


  • 50 kg polypropylene bags
  • 25 kg polypropylene bags
  • Other bag sizes available: 10kg, 5kg, 2kg, 1kg, 500g

Monthly Supply Volume:

  • Minimum 7,000 metric tons
  • Maximum 33,000 metric tons

20′ Container Load:
500 x 50kg bags (25 metric tons)

We store abundant ICUMSA 100 refined sugar inventory at major Brazilian shipping ports and collaborate with logistics partners to offer flexible worldwide delivery options via containers or break bulk carriers.

For wholesale  bulk granulated sugar   buyers with small to very large volume needs, please contact us with your approximate monthly usage or shipment size preferred. We will provide a precise quote and estimated lead time to fulfill refined white sugar orders EXW, FOB, CIF or under other Incoterms required.


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