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Wholesale Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA 150


Wholesale Brazilian ICUMSA 150 Cane Sugar Specifications

CommodityCane Sugar
Refined GradeICUMSA 150
OriginsBrazil, UK
AppearanceDry, sparkling white
Polarization99.70% Min
Ash Content0.04% Max
Moisture0.04% Max
Reducing Sugars0.05% Max
Solubility100% Free Flowing
OdorFree of foreign smells
GranulationFine to medium
Magnetic Particles≤4 mg/kg
SO2≤70 mg/kg
RadiationWithin accepted norms
HarvestCurrent season crop

Our wholesale ICUMSA 150 refined sugar consistently meets or exceeds the above purity specifications verified through rigorous quality control testing and assurance procedures by the exporting mill.

We have the export logistics capabilities to ship Brazilian ICUMSA 150 sugar in bulk or packaged configurations to destinations worldwide. Please contact us directly for latest pricing, availability and quotes to source competitive wholesale ICUMSA 150 refined cane sugar.


Wholesale Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA 150

Brazilian ICUMSA 150 Refined Cane Sugar

ICUMSA 150 is a premium grade white refined sugar obtaining 99.5% purity through advanced clarification and crystallization methods. The extensive processing produces remarkably clear, sparkling crystals with a fine, uniform grain size.

As an intermediate grade between common grocery white sugar and ultra-pure ICUMSA 45 grade, ICUMSA 150 offers an affordable alternative meeting standards for commercial food and beverage production.

Its high sucrose content, solubility and clean taste nicely supplement a range of formulations from soft drinks to confections without unwarranted sweetness or sensory impacts.

With Brazil dominating global sugarcane cultivation and sugar production, the country has perfected cost-effective, high-volume ICUMSA 150 manufacturing harnessing the latest purification technology.

By sourcing directly from accredited Brazilian sugar mills and refineries, our company reliably exports food-grade ICUMSA 150 sugar at very competitive international pricing, whether for small or bulk wholesale volumes.

Wholesale brazilian sugar icumsa 150 online

ICUMSA-150 White Cane Sugar is widely embraced for its lower chemical content, making it a readily available and cost-effective substitute for the traditional ICUMSA 45 White Refined Sugar. Also known as White Crystal Sugar, it is formed through a natural crystallization process without chemical refining.

ICUMSA-150 White Cane Sugar is frequently employed in large-scale baking, beverage production, and the manufacturing of various food items.

Introducing ICUMSA-150 White Cane Sugar, the ideal choice for all your baking and beverage requirements. With its reduced chemical content and economical characteristics, this premium sugar transforms the culinary landscape.

Crafted through a natural crystallization process without any chemical refining, ICUMSA-150 White Cane Sugar guarantees purity and quality on every occasion.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home baker, this white crystal sugar serves as your secret ingredient for crafting delightful treats. Why settle for anything less when you can procure ICUMSA-150 White Cane Sugar and enhance your culinary creations? Don’t miss the chance to elevate your culinary endeavors—make your purchase today.


Refined Sugar – ICUMSA 150 – Exporters

The ICUMSA 150 sugar produced by Brazilian manufacturers is a type of refined white sugar. While it may not be as refined as ICUMSA 45 sugar, it still meets food-grade standards.

This particular grade of sugar is commonly used by food manufacturers whose sugar refining requirements are not as stringent as those for sugar sold directly to consumers.

Despite being less refined than some higher ICUMSA-rated sugars, such as those with ratings up to ICUMSA 4600 or more, ICUMSA 150 sugar is considered relatively highly refined.

The ICUMSA ratings, established by the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA), provide a standardized measure of sugar refinement.

These ratings facilitate the international trade of sugar by providing assurance to Brazilian sugar suppliers, ensuring compliance with specified refining standards.

It’s worth noting that sugars with higher ICUMSA ratings, beyond ICUMSA 150, are not suitable for human consumption due to elevated levels of contamination and bacteria.

Wholesale Brazilian Sugar Icumsa 150 Price:

Brazilian sugar icumsa 150 is a popular choice among buyers due to its quality and versatility. When considering wholesale prices, it’s essential to explore the market rates to make informed decisions. The price of icumsa 150 sugar can vary based on factors such as quantity, quality, and market conditions. Buyers can benefit from competitive rates by purchasing in bulk.

Wholesale Brazilian Sugar Icumsa 150 Online:

The convenience of online platforms has revolutionized the way business is conducted. Buyers now have the option to purchase Brazilian sugar icumsa 150 online, providing a hassle-free and efficient procurement process.

Online platforms often offer transparency in pricing, allowing buyers to compare rates and select the best deals. This approach also streamlines the buying process, making it accessible to a global audience.

Brazilian Sugar Icumsa 45 Price Today:

Keeping track of current market trends is crucial for those interested in Brazilian sugar icumsa 45.

The price of icumsa 45 sugar can fluctuate due to various factors, including market demand, harvest seasons, and global economic conditions.

Staying informed about the latest prices ensures that buyers and sellers can make well-informed decisions in a dynamic market.

Icumsa 45 Sugar Supplier:

Identifying a reliable icumsa 45 sugar supplier is vital for a successful and sustainable business partnership.

Reputable suppliers not only offer competitive prices but also maintain consistent quality standards.

It’s advisable for buyers to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and establish direct communication with suppliers to ensure a reliable source for their sugar needs.

Wholesale Sugar Price Per Ton:

Understanding the wholesale sugar price per ton is crucial for budgeting and negotiation purposes.

Wholesale prices can vary based on factors such as sugar type, quantity, and supplier terms.

Buyers can benefit from establishing long-term relationships with suppliers to secure favorable pricing arrangements.

Icumsa 45 Sugar for Sale:

For those in search of immediate procurement, exploring options for icumsa 45 sugar for sale is a viable approach. Sellers often promote special offers or bulk deals, providing an opportunity for buyers to secure quality sugar at competitive prices.

Wholesale Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA 150
Wholesale Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA 150
Wholesale Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA 150
Wholesale Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA 150

 packaging and delivery  wholesale Brazilian ICUMSA 150 sugar:

Product Name: Brazilian Refined Cane Sugar ICUMSA 150

Available Packaging:

50 kg polypropylene bags
25 kg polypropylene bags
Other bag sizes: 10 kg, 5 kg, 2 kg, 1 kg, 500g bags
Monthly Supply Capacity:

Minimum: 6,000 metric tons
Maximum: 32,000 metric tons
20′ Container Load:

500 x 50 kg bags (25 metric tons)
We warehouse abundant ICUMSA 150 refined sugar inventory at major ports across Brazil, allowing competitive pricing and convenience for global delivery. Our logistics experts coordinate and optimize end to end shipping via containers, bulk vessels or rail.

For wholesale buyers of any size, please contact us with monthly volume estimates and target destination to receive a custom ICUMSA 150 sugar supply proposal. We have the capabilities to consistently fulfill deliveries between 7,000 to over 32,000 metric tons per month as contracted. Let us help simplify your sourcing.

Export Documents Provided by Our Company as ICUMSA 150 Refined Sugar Supplier

  1. Commercial Invoice – Details transaction parties, product specs, pricing, and shipping details
  2. Packing List – Breaks down the type and quantity of packages for the shipment
  3. Full Set Bill of Lading – Serves as document of title and contract of carriage for cargo
  4. Certificate of Quality, Weight, Quantity by SGS – Respected inspection firm analyzes and verifies claimed ICUMSA 150 grade, weight loaded, no contaminants etc. to comply with contract
  5. Certificate of Origin – Attests to the Brazilian manufacturing origin
  6. Fumigation Certificate – Confirms sugar underwent required fumigation by licensed provider prior to export
  7. Phytosanitary Certificate – Verifies the sugar cargo has been inspected and is free of quarantined plant pests
  8. Insurance Policy – Insures goods for damage or loss (included for CIF Incoterm shipment arrangements)

These documents fulfill trade, compliance, customs, and insurance requirements applicable to the food grade refined sugar export. We directly integrate with accredited labs, warehouses, carriers and regulators to streamline shipping for clients. Contact us today to competitively source quality-assured wholesale Brazilian ICUMSA 150 sugar.


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