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Product Information:

  • Product Type: Sugar
  • Type: Crystal Sugar
  • Form: Powder
  • Processing Type: Refined
  • Color: White
  • Packaging: Box, Bulk, Sachet, Vacuum Pack
  • ICUMSA: 45
  • Purity (%): 100
  • Certification: GAP, GMP, ISO
  • Weight (kg): 50
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Place of Origin: united kingdom
  • Brand Name: Sugar S30 ICUMSA 100
  • Primary Ingredient: Cane Sugar
  • Beeticumsa Raw Sugar 600-1200: White



ICUMSA 100 Cane Sugar is produced through a crystallization process, completely devoid of any chemical refining. The ICUMSA-100 Cane Sugar offered by our company is renowned for its exceptional crystalline structure and high purity levels.

Our well-appointed warehouse consistently maintains a ready stock of sugar, ensuring timely deliveries. We provide ICUMSA 100 Sugar in both containerized and bulk quantities, originating from Brazil and available for global distribution at competitive prices.

CANE SUGAR, ICUMSA 100, is the preferred choice for many customers due to its minimal chemical content and greater availability at a lower cost compared to White Refined Sugar, ICUMSA 45. The manufacturing process for ICUMSA 100 Sugar involves crystallization without any chemical refinement.

The sugar offered by our company is celebrated for its impressive crystalline form and purity. To safeguard the sugar and facilitate prompt delivery, we consistently stock it in our sophisticated warehouse.

Additionally, we take measures to ensure the purity of our products by employing hygienic and quality packaging. Asia Sugar Mills Ltd holds a prominent position as a leading sugar mill globally, and our commitment to delivering high-quality products allows us to meet bulk demands from customers in the most efficient and reliable manner.



Our commitment extends to providing superior quality ICUMSA 45 white sugar and ICUMSA 600-1200 brown sugar in large quantities worldwide, ensuring efficiency and competitiveness. Berium Group actively engages in all stages of the global sugar value chain to enhance overall efficiency.


SpecificationICUMSA 100 Cane Sugar
ColorMaximum 100 Icumsa
PolarizationMinimum 99.8% Degree Polarization (0Z)
MoistureMaximum 0.04% by weight
Conductivity AshMaximum 0.10% by weight
Invert SugarMaximum 0.10% by weight
Average SizeSize 0.8 mm
Target M.AM.A. 0.5 to 1.00 mm
SedimentsMaximum 0.02% by weight
ArsenicMaximum 0.50 mg/kg
LeadMaximum 0.50 mg/kg
CopperMaximum 1.50 mg/kg
Sulfur DioxideNone
Pathogenic BacteriaNone
Coliform BacteriaMaximum 10 CFU/10 gm
E. ColiNone
Yeast & MoldMaximum 10 CFU/10 gm

High-Quality ICUMSA Sugar S30 ICUMSA 100

We take pride in producing high-quality sugar that meets all international standards, ensuring it can be exported to any country worldwide. Our commitment is to provide wholesalers and companies with top-grade sugar at competitive prices, allowing them to make a reasonable profit by doing business with us.


ICUMSA (International Commission For Uniform Methods Of Sugar Analysis): The quality of our sugar is determined by the ICUMSA system, an international body standardizing measurements used to describe sugar.

Quality Specifications:

Polarization99.80% Degrees minimum
Ash by electrical conduct0.04% max (on dry weight basis)
Ash content0.04% maximum
Product StandardsICUMSA45 RBU Max. (Turkey SGS scale)
Solubility100% Dry and Free Flowing
ColourSparkling White
Attenuation IndexICUMSA Maximum 45 Attenuation Index Units (ICUMSA Method No # 4- 1978)
RadiationWithin CS-137 of 50 BQ per KG
GranulationFine Crystal
CropLatest 2012 – 2013
Magnetic ParticlesMG/KG 0 Max.
SO2MG/KG 20 Max.
Sulphur Dioxide20 MG/KG Minimum
SellTypical & Specific for sugar
Reducing Sugar0.02% max by weight
HPN GraphAureus not detected in 1 Gram
Maximum AS3 P.P.M.
Maximum PB1 P.P.M.
Maximum CU3 P.P.M.
SubstanceSolid Crystal
Tolerance7% (+/-) A255
Poisonous seed/husksPhytosanitary Certificate of no radiation, no virus, no insect parts, no poisonous matter and non-genetic, suitable for human consumption


We are a genuine mandate, committed to not wasting time. If you are a real buyer or have the intention to import sugar, please let us know. We assure you that we will meet your expectations.


 ICUMSA 100 Cane Sugar:

ICUMSA 100 Cane Sugar adheres to stringent quality standards to meet various industry requirements. The following specifications outline the key parameters for this sugar variety:

  1. Color: The sugar must have a maximum Icumsa value of 100, indicating its color purity.
  2. Polarization: The degree of polarization must be a minimum of 99.8%, measured in the 0Z standard.
  3. Moisture Content: The maximum allowable moisture content is 0.04% by weight, ensuring the sugar’s stability and quality.
  4. Conductivity Ash: The sugar should have a maximum ash content of 0.10% by weight, indicating low impurity levels.
  5. Invert Sugar: The maximum allowable invert sugar content is 0.10% by weight, ensuring the desired sweetness profile.
  6. Average Size: The sugar crystals should have an average size of 0.8 mm, contributing to its texture and performance in various applications.
  7. Target M.A: The target size range, known as M.A., is set between 0.5 and 1.00 mm, providing consistency in particle size.
  8. Sediments: The sugar must contain a maximum of 0.02% sediments by weight, ensuring cleanliness and purity.
  9. Arsenic: The maximum permissible level of arsenic is 0.50 mg/kg, meeting safety standards.
  10. Lead: The sugar must not exceed a lead content of 0.50 mg/kg, ensuring it is safe for consumption.
  11. Copper: The maximum allowable copper content is 1.50 mg/kg, indicating low metal impurities.
  12. Pesticide: The sugar is guaranteed to be free of any pesticide residues, meeting health and safety standards.
  13. Sulfur Dioxide: The sugar does not contain any sulfur dioxide, a common preservative, ensuring a natural product.
  14. Pathogenic Bacteria: The sugar is free from pathogenic bacteria, meeting hygiene and safety requirements.
  15. Coliform Bacteria: The maximum allowable coliform bacteria count is 10 CFU/10 gm, indicating low microbial contamination.
  16. E. Coli: The sugar is free from Escherichia coli, a bacteria indicative of fecal contamination.
  17. Yeast & Mold: The sugar must not exceed a maximum count of 10 CFU/10 gm for yeast and mold, ensuring freshness and quality.



When it comes to sourcing sugar in bulk, look no further than our Wholesale ICUMSA 100 Cane Sugar. Renowned for its quality and versatility, this product is a staple in various industries, offering a sweet solution for your business needs.


Quality Assurance: Our ICUMSA 100 Cane Sugar is produced through a meticulous crystallization process, ensuring a high degree of purity without the use of chemical refining.

Crystalline Excellence: Enjoy the benefits of sugar with an exceptional crystalline structure, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Ready Stock: We pride ourselves on maintaining a ready stock of ICUMSA 100 Cane Sugar in our well-equipped warehouse. This ensures timely deliveries to meet the demands of your business.

Global Reach: Whether you require containerized shipments or bulk quantities, our ICUMSA 100 Sugar is sourced from Brazil and available for delivery worldwide at competitive prices.

Customer Preference: ICUMSA 100 is a preferred choice for many customers due to its minimal chemical content and cost-effectiveness compared to White Refined Sugar, ICUMSA 45.



Commercial Invoice:

  • Detailed list of the goods being shipped, quantities, values, buyer/seller info

Bill of Lading:

  • Serves as a receipt of goods, contract of carriage, and document of title

Certificate of Origin:

  • Declares where products were manufactured/obtained

Phytosanitary Certificate:

  • Verifies sugar is free from potential plant pests/pathogens

Sugar Analysis Certificate:

  • Documents sugar quality metrics – polarity, moisture, ash content, sieve test results, microbiology, etc.

Food Safety Inspection Certificate:

  • Certifies production facility meets food safety/hygiene standards

Fumigation Certificate:

  • Confirms sugar was fumigated prior to transport to eliminate insects

Weight Certificate:

  • Verifies gross/net weight of the sugar loaded

General information

Supply Ability:

Our manufacturing partner has a total supply capacity of 7000 Metric Tons of ICUMSA 100 cane sugar per month. With 90,000 metric tons readily available, we maintain sufficient inventory to meet the needs of high-volume industrial users.

Packaging & Delivery:

Standard packing is 50 kg polyethylene bags palletized over 20′ shipping containers or break bulk vessels. We also accommodate customizable packaging like 1-5 MT jumbo bags, 25kg bags, or smaller pouches per buyers’ requirements.

Transport on either 20’/40′ food-grade containers, or bulk pneumatic vessels for discharge directly to end user’s silos. Delivery terms negotiated on an order-by-order basis including CIF, FOB, ExWorks, etc.

Loading Ports:

Brazil – Santos Port United Kingdom – London Gateway Port
USA – Savannah Port Terminal

Other major shipping hubs may be available upon request.

Lead Time:
With 600000 tons on-hand inventory and strategic port locations, lead time from purchase order to loading is typically 15 days.


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