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Colour of the Solution: Maximum 45 ICUMSA units
Radiation: Within internationally accepted limits
Moisture Content: 0.06% maximum
Invert Sugar Content: 0.04% maximum
Conductivity Ash: 0.04% maximum
Sulphur Dioxide: 15 mg/kg maximum
Anti-Caking Agents: Maximum level of 1.5 m/m, either singly or in combination of the following agents:
Calcium Phosphate, Tribasic
Magnesium Carbonate
Silicon Dioxide, Amorphous (Dehydrated Silica Gel)
Calcium Silicate
Magnesium Trisilicate
Sodium Aluminosilicate
Calcium Aluminosilicate
Polarization: 99.7% minimum
Moisture Content: 0.06% maximum
nvert Sugar Content: 0.04% maximum
Conductivity Ash: 0.04% maximum
Total Bacteria: 60 maximum
E. Coli: 30 maximum
Mould: 25 maximum
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2): 15 maximum
Arsenic (As): 0.5 maximum
Lead (Pb): 0.5 maximum

Brazilian Sugar ICUMSA 45



As the foremost providers of ICUMSA 45 sugar, we have a well-established history of delivering premium sugar to our clients. We can offer substantial quantities of top-tier ICUMSA 45 sugar at competitive rates.

Exporters of Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45 from Brazil | Suppliers of ICUMSA 45 SUGAR

Brazilian ICUMSA 45 sugar is exclusively manufactured in significant quantities upon confirmed sales, and within the Brazilian domestic market, it is primarily utilized by industries. Recently, Brazil introduced ICUMSA 45 sugar to the domestic market under the designation “Top Quality,” with Brazilian sugar manufacturers actively engaged in its production and export.

Large-scale production and storage of Brazil refined ICUMSA 45 sugar in ports or warehouses are non-existent. Sugars stored in substantial quantities include raw sugar and crystal sugars ICUMSA 100 and 150.

Out of the total 37 million tons of sugar produced in Brazil by 2009, only 4 million tons constituted, WHOLESALE BRAZILIAN ICUMSA 45 SUGAR


Brazil Sugar Export – 2000

– Raw Sugar (VHP): 71%
– Refined Crystal Sugar ICUMSA 100-150: 19%
– Refined Sugar ICUMSA 45 “Top Quality”: 8%
– Others: 2%

Brazilian White Sugar Icumsa 45, packaged in 50kg, available for wholesale – Refined Icumsa 45 Sugar from Brazil.

The logistics aspect poses a multifaceted challenge. At present, numerous ships are awaiting berthing at the ports , resulting in a complete amalgamation of all warehouses.

Storing Brazil ICUMSA 45 sugar, produced, bagged, and kept in the port, comes with a notably high cost, rendering it economically unviable.

As a consequence, the refinement, storage, and bagging for shipment of sugar can only be undertaken post the confirmed sale.

The average timeframe for sugar delivery at the port, ready for shipment, can extend to 30-45 days, contingent on factors such as refining, transportation to the load port, and potential delays in vessel berthing.

Past Performance and Proof of Products:

Eliora Internacional Ltda. adheres to legal and contractual regulations and, therefore, does not disclose a history of past transactions. This approach aligns with the non-circumvention non-disclosure agreement (NCNDA) of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Due to the prevalence of fraudulent documents, including SGS inspection reports and certificates of origin, Eliora Internacional Ltda. refrains from providing proof of past performance.

The company has encountered issues with unauthorized entities employing its documents in the international sugar market, prompting the stringent policy of not disclosing any proof of product before the signing of a contract and the initiation of bank-to-bank swift with proof of funds.

Insistence on communication outside of the bank-to-bank framework holds no value, as Eliora Internacional Ltda. believes that this mode of communication lacks credibility for both the seller and the buyer. The company abstains from issuing “fake” proof of product without the secure bank-to-bank communication channel.


Sugar Export Capabilities

As an established exporter of Brazilian sugar, we have extensive supply chain infrastructure and logistics networks to facilitate refined white and raw sugar distribution worldwide.

Refined Sugar – Container Load

Product Grades

  • ICUMSA 45
  • ICUMSA 100
  • ICUMSA 150

We can source high-grade refined white sugar from quality-assured processing facilities to the specified ICUMSA standard required.

Logistic Options

We arrange all customs clearance, insurance, handling, and inland transportation for door delivery per buyers’ preference between CIF, CFR, and other incoterms.

Raw Sugar – Container Load

Product Description

  • Unrefined sugar
  • ICUMSA ratings from 800-1200


Packaging and delivery details for WHOLESALE BRAZILIAN ICUMSA 45 SUGAR price

Product: Wholesale Brazil Icumsa 45 Sugar Manufacturers

Packaging Options:
– 50 kg polypropylene bags
– 25 kg polypropylene bags

Refined ICUMSA 35 Max:
– 50 kg polypropylene bags
– 25 kg polypropylene bags
– 10kg polypropylene bags
– 5kg, 2kg, 1kg, 500g options also available

Packing Size:
Standard 50kg bags. We can also pack refined sugar in various smaller increments per buyer preference.

Monthly Supply Capacity:
– Minimum 6000 metric tons
– Maximum 32,000 metric tons

Container Load Quantity:
500 x 50kg bags (25 metric tons) per general purpose 20ft container

We maintain ample warehouse stocks in major Brazilian ports and have relationships with carriers to facilitate flexible ICUMSA 45  raw sugar shipping worldwide via 20’/40’ containers, flexitanks or breakbulk vessels.

 We welcome inquiries for large wholesale and industrial refined or VHP raw brown sugar volumes as well small orders. Please contact us with volume requirements so we can provide an exact quote and estimated lead time.



Our raw sugar exports fully comply with any phytosanitary, fumigation, or other shipping requirements for the intended import country.

Refined Sugar – Breakbulk Vessel

Ideal for larger wholesale, commodity, and industrial buyers

ICUMSA Grade Options

We can source ICUMSA 45, 100 or 150 graded refined white sugar from Brazilian sugar mills for export.


  • 50 kg polypropylene bags
  • 12,500 to 50,000 metric ton vessel load quantities
  • Custom bag branding, labeling, and markings

Destination Flexibility

With extensive relationships with shipping carriers and freight agents, we facilitate refined sugar vessels to destinations worldwide.

Raw Sugar – Bulk Vessel

Product Description

ICUMSA 800-1200 grade Brazilian raw sugar


  • Bulk pneumatic vessel
  • 12,500 to 50,000 metric ton capacity
  • Efficient unloading to end user storage silos

Quality Inspections

Inspection performed by globally trusted bodies like SGS or Bureau Veritas to affirm quantity and quality prior to release of payment.

Sugar Trading Procedures

As an established sugar trading house, we follow standard international protocols for refined or raw sugar transactions.

Spot Inquiries

For prompt shipments, usual procedures apply:

 1. Buyer submits an ICPO and bank letter of guarantee

2. Seller approves the ICPO and provides a draft contract

3. Buyer opens SBLC or sends MT103 wire transfer, seller issues proof of product

4. Seller arranges shipping per the deal specs after financial instrument made operative.

Long Term Contracts

For contract volumes with scheduled deliveries, the process includes:

1. Buyer submits letter of intent and banking verification

2. Seller issues a formal corporate offer (FCO)

3. Contract signing after buyer reviews FCO

4. Buyer opens SBLC to seller’s bank

5. Seller provides 2% performance bond and proof of product

6. Shipments commence per the contracted delivery schedule


Third-party inspection from globally recognized bodies certifies quality and quantity prior to cargo release. This includes SGS, Bureau Veritas, Saybolt, Intertek, and others depending on buyer preference.


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