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Wholesale mixed sawdust for sale


Product Name: Premium mixed sawdust  for Animal Bedding
Material 100% virgin wood, sustainably sourced
Color Natural light brown
Quality Grade Highest quality Grade A shavings
Standards Compliance Meets ISO, ANSI standards for bedding
Moisture Content 14% or less for optimal absorbency
Foreign Matter Less than 0.1% impurities
Sawdust/Powder Screened to have max 5% fine particles
Absorbency Rapidly absorbs moisture to keep stalls clean and dry
Odor Control Reduces ammonia buildup for healthier air
Dust Free Minimizes dust through screening for animal health
Biodegradable Made from all-natural pine for eco-friendly disposal
Particle Size Ideal shaving thickness avoids compaction
Consistent Quality State-of-the-art production for uniformity



Wholesale mixed sawdust for sale – Sustainable Bedding Blend

Made from Pine and Rubber Wood

Our premium mixed sawdust contains a blend of fine particles from pine and rubber wood. By combining these two sustainable sources, we are able to create an optimal bedding material.

Ideal for Bedding and Cultivation

This versatile sawdust is perfect for use as livestock, poultry, and pet bedding. It absorbs waste effectively while resisting compaction. The mix also serves as an excellent substrate for mushroom cultivation. It can be composted into nutrient-rich fertilizer as well.


  • Size: 1 – 3 mm uniform particles
  • Wood Types: Pine and Rubber
  • Moisture Content: Max 12% for excellent absorbency
  • Dust Content: Max 2% fine powder
  • Foreign Matter: Max 0.5% debris
  • Color: Bright, clean appearance

Premium Quality Control

Our manufacturing process carefully screens the sawdust to remove excess dust and impurities. This ensures the highest quality bedding and cultivation material.

Efficient Packaging

The sawdust is compressed into 600 kg jumbo bags and securely packed onto pallets. This allows for convenient storage and transport. Each 40 ft shipping container fits 40 jumbo bags, totaling 24 metric tons.

Mixed Sawdust: Manufacturing Process and Diverse Applications

Mixed sawdust stands out as a highly versatile product, crafted through the amalgamation of sawdust from various wood types. This results in a unique material with diverse properties, making it applicable in a wide range of daily life scenarios. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the production process behind mixed sawdust and explore its manifold applications.

I. Production Process

The production of mixed sawdust involves the meticulous collection of sawdust from different wood sources, including sawmills, woodworking shops, and home woodworking projects. Employing a dust collection system, the sawdust is efficiently captured and stored in a collection bin.

Once collected, the sawdust undergoes a blending process to ensure a uniform product. This blending can be achieved either through the use of mixing machines or by manual methods. The resulting mixed sawdust emerges as a versatile material ready for various applications.

II. Applications

Mixed sawdust finds application in numerous aspects of daily life, ranging from industrial to domestic settings. Here are some prevalent uses:

  1. Animal Bedding: Ideal for livestock, poultry, and pets, mixed sawdust serves as absorbent bedding, providing a comfortable resting surface for animals.
  2. Fuel: As an eco-friendly alternative, mixed sawdust can be burned as fuel in wood-burning stoves and boilers.
  3. Soil Amendment: Mixed sawdust enhances soil structure and fertility, also aiding in moisture retention for plant benefits.
  4. Composting: Accelerating decomposition, mixed sawdust is a valuable addition to compost, supplying essential carbon for microorganism growth.
  5. Woodworking: Used as a filler or for decorative effects, mixed sawdust, when mixed with glue, can serve as a wood filler matching the wood’s color.
  6. Erosion Control: Applied to slopes and hillsides, mixed sawdust prevents erosion caused by wind and rain.
  7. Art and Crafts: Adding texture and visual interest, mixed sawdust integrates into art and craft projects, creating unique effects with glue, paint, or other materials.
  8. Insulation: A natural insulator, mixed sawdust can be used in walls, roofs, and floors, contributing to eco-friendly insulation and potential energy cost reduction.
  9. Smoke Flavoring: Employed to infuse a smoky flavor into food, mixed sawdust is frequently used in smoking meat, fish, and cheese.
  10. Packaging Material: Providing cushioning for fragile items during shipping and handling, mixed sawdust functions effectively as a sustainable packaging material.
Wholesale mixed sawdust for sale
Wholesale mixed sawdust for sale
Wholesale mixed sawdust for sale
Wholesale mixed sawdust for sale
Wholesale mixed sawdust for sale
Wholesale mixed sawdust for sale

III. Conclusion

mixed sawdust emerges as a remarkably versatile product with widespread applications in daily life. Formed through the combination of sawdust from diverse wood sources, it proves invaluable in animal bedding, fuel, soil enhancement, composting, woodworking, erosion control, art and crafts, insulation, smoke flavoring, and as a packaging material. Its eco-friendly attributes make it a preferred choice for those seeking sustainable alternatives in various industries and endeavors.


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