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Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Crate

Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Crate


External crate dimensions of 118 x 105 x 160 cm

Made from 100% birch kiln dried hardwood

Log lengths up to 25 cm and width from 6-15 cm

Average moisture content less than 15% (range 10-20%)

Weight around 800 kg

Loose volume of 2.7 cubic meters

Stacked volume of 1.6 cubic meters


Get a  for purchasing a bulk crate of top-quality 100% birch hardwood firewood that is kiln dried to have optimal moisture content for clean, efficient burning in wood stoves and fireplaces. The crate provides a large quantity of pre-cut and dried birch logs ready for use.


Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Crate

Enjoy Clean, Efficient Heating with Kiln Dried Birch Firewood

Discover Why Birch is Among the Best Firewoods for Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

For those searching for a high quality firewood that burns hot, clean and efficient, our kiln dried birch is an excellent choice. Birch has long been a preferred hardwood for heating due to its dense grain, high BTU output, and ease of ignition.

We offer birch firewood in convenient crates that contain the perfect volume for small to medium-sized fireplaces and wood stoves. Read on to learn why our kiln dried birch firewood makes an outstanding heating fuel.

Birch Has Many Desirable Properties as a Firewood

What Makes Birch Such a Good Firewood?

Birch has a number of advantageous characteristics that make it one of the best woods for burning:

  • It has a very dense grain which gives it an exceptionally high BTU output per cord when dried. Birch can produce up to 24 million BTUs per cord.
  • Birch has minimal sap or resin, so it burns cleanly with low smoke and sparks. This also means less creosote residue in your chimney.
  • It ignites easily and burns efficiently even with the air control down for an overnight burn.
  • Freshly cut birch has a lower moisture content than many hardwoods, around 35-40% compared to 60% or more.
  • It has an attractive, variegated color that provides a beautiful ambiance.

When sourced sustainably, birch is an environmentally responsible renewable fuel source as well. It’s easy to see why birch is treasured by firewood enthusiasts.

Kiln Drying Maximizes the Natural Advantages of Birch

How Kiln Drying Improves Birch’s Burn Qualities

We kiln dry our birch firewood down to a moisture content of 15-20% for superior burning performance. Kiln drying uses heat and airflow to remove moisture versus slow air drying. The benefits of our kiln dried birch include:

  • Faster ignition and higher BTU output when burned.
  • Less smoke produced and reduced creosote buildup.
  • No re-absorption of moisture during storage or delivery.
  • Consistent moisture levels, eliminating wet pockets that smolder.
  • Destruction of insects, fungi and potential allergens.
  • Higher efficiency and heat value than conventionally dried wood.

With these advantages, our birch firewood lights quickly and provides steady, intense heating power throughout the burn cycle.

Birch Firewood Crate – An Ideal Package Size

Our Birch Firewood Crates Contain the Perfect Volume

  • External dimensions of 3’6″ long by 2’6″ wide by 2’6″ high
  • Holds approximately 1/3 cord of split birch logs
  • Weight is 400-500 lbs depending on moisture
  • Stacked lengthwise for handling ease and airflow
  • Built with a pallet base for forklift/jack use

The crate size is great for:

  • Weekend trips to the cabin
  • Smaller fireplaces and wood stoves
  • Quickly restocking your firewood storage
  • Heating a room overnight or for a few days

It provides an affordable way to purchase top grade birch firewood without buying and storing a full cord.

Experience the Many Benefits of Burning Birch Firewood

Birch firewood is in high demand due to its excellent fuel properties. Our kiln dried birch crates allow you to easily incorporate this top quality hardwood into your home heating. Place an order online today and we’ll deliver this natural, sustainable firewood directly to your home.


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