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Wholesale EN Plus-A1 Wood Pellets

Buy Quality Wood Pellets A1 for Eco-Friendly Fuel

Model Number:   WTY8454
Color:   Pale Yellow
Size:   6mm to 8mm
Weight:   15KG
Style Fir:   Pine, Beech, Spruce, Oak
Technology: Customized Logo
Standard:   ENplusA1/DINplusA1/NTA8080
Grade:   A1


Wholesale EN Plus-A1 Wood Pellets

We are a distributor and exporter of high-quality, large-quantity ENplus, DINplus wood pellets that we are ready to offer to enterprises and buyers throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

All buyers who want to do  long-term business with our company receive free samples. We provide OEM service, which means we can brand the 15kg plastic bags with your company’s logo, information, and design.

Wood pellets offer a significant advantage over fossil fuels and are much easier to manage than other biomass fuels. This is a product manufacture from renewable resources like wood chips and sawdust. They can also replenish far faster than coal and gas deposits, which take thousands of years to produce.

Wood pellets of excellent quality, both DIN Plus and EN Plus, have a high energy density, which means that they can simultaneously transfer a great deal of energy.

In addition, heat treatment is applied to the pellets, which makes it possible to preserve them for extended periods of time. Class A1 is the highest grade available and is typically found in the stoves and boilers found in private homes.

Pellets with an A1 rating create the lowest levels of ash while yet meeting the most stringent criteria.

The diameter of wood pellets ranges from 6-8 millimeters, while their length can range anywhere from 10-50 millimeters. Fir, spruce, beech, and pine are the types of trees that can be used to manufacture wood pellets.

EN plus-A1 wood pellets   appearance

Product Name Wood Pellet (Wooden Pellets, Pellet)

Quality High Quality 100% Wood Pellet Biofuels

Composition – Low Moisture, Ash, and Sulfur

– 100% Made from Pine Sawdust with High Heating Value

Environmental Benefits – Long Burning Time

– High Energy Content

– Minimum Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Ensuring a Fresh Environment

Ash After Burning – Ash Can Be Used as Fertilizer, Not Harmful to the Environment

Details Specifications of EN Plus-A1 Wood Pellets

Product Name Wood Pellets
Materials 100% Wood Fibers or Mixed Wood
Wood Types Fir, Pine, Spruce, Beech
Diameter 6mm to 8mm
Length 10mm to 50mm
Moisture Content <6%
Ash Content (db) <0.5%
Calorific Value > 4700kcal/kg
Application Residential and Industrial Stoves (Heating Systems)

15 kg bags Wood Pellets Wholesale Supplier

Wood pellets of the highest possible grade. Enplus A1 represents the quality class. Certified by the FSC. 100% pine. The diameter is exactly 6 millimeters. 3.15 in. in length. Europe Wood Pellets DIN PLUS / ENplus-A1 Biomass Pellet Heating Systems.

Pellet fuel known as “Wood Pellet” is produced using only wood, with neither bark nor glue added during the manufacturing process. The finished products can be identified by their clear appearance as well as their complete lack of an adverse impact on the surrounding environment.

The natural ingredient lignin does a good job of ensuring that the granules do not lose their form. It burns in the furnace almost completely without leaving any ash behind, and it produces twice as much heat as regular firewood does.

It is typically placed in large bags or specialized bags with sealed seams so that it can be transported quickly and easily.

ENplus A2 Pine Wood Pellets for sale

The calorific value is around 49 kW/h per kilogram, and the bulk density must be at least 600 kg/m3. Length 5-40 mm, with a diameter of 8 mm.

Maximum total moisture as received of no more than 10%, maximum ash content of 0.50%, minimum melting ash content of 1200 CO, minimum moisture content of 10%, and maximum mechanical durability of 98%.

Wood pellets of the highest possible grade. Classification of quality: Enplus A1, and it is FSC certified. 100% pine. The diameter is exactly 6 millimeters. 3.15 in. in length

The raw materials, such as sawdust and other debris, are fed into the crusher to be ground into flour. Following its passage through the drier, the mass that has been received is sent to the pellet-press, which is responsible for turning the wood flour into pellets.

Consequently, manufacture factory give wholesale wood pellet en in addition to a1 import for hammer mill wood pellets. Nevertheless, the cost of wood pellets in my area.

Wholesale Pine Wood Suppliers

Wood pellets are a form of fuel that may be obtained from renewable resources and are currently readily available all over the world. The wood shavings are sent through the holes after being subjected to extreme pressure and then being squeezed.

This is a heated procedure, and the natural lignin in the sawdust or wood shavings melts and binds the dust together. This keeps the pellet in the form it’s supposed to be in and gives it that distinctive gloss on the outside.

Additionally, we have wood pellets of the highest quality available for purchase. Classification of quality: Enplus A1, and it is FSC certified. 100% pine. The diameter is exactly 6 millimeters. 3,15 enplus a1 wood pellets available from multiple providers in bulk. Length.

Bulk Wood Pellets Suppliers

Wood pellets are exceptionally dense and may be made with a low moisture content (below 10%), which enables them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency.

This contributes to the economic efficiency of the product. Because of their high density, they can be stored in limited spaces and transported efficiently over great distances.

Almost exactly the same amount of money is required to generate power from pellets in converted coal plants as is required to create energy from natural gas or diesel. Suppliers offering the best deals on wood pellets near me.

ENplus-A1 Pellets for Sale in Europe

Superior quality eco-friendly. When compared to fossil fuels, wood pellets offer a significant reduction in net carbon emissions and are thus a sustainable fuel option.

There are extra positive effects on the environment and society from its production and use. Wholesale Premium Wood Pellets. Classified as Enplus A1 quality and FSC-approved. 100% pine. The size is 6 mm in diameter. Dimensions: 3.15 inches in length.

Buy Wood Pellets Online

In power plants, stoves, the boilers of textile, food, leather, animal feeding, and dye industrials, and animal bedding, biomass fuels have replaced fossil fuels. The best price available at wholesale for wood pellets in Europe.

We are direct and long-term trusted suppliers of the highest quality wood pellets at the most competitive prices, sourced from oak, spruce, pine, and beech woods.

Wood pellets of the highest possible grade. Classification of quality: Enplus A1, and it is FSC certified. 100% pine. The diameter is exactly 6 millimeters. 3.15 in. in length

pellets made of high-quality wood used for household and commercial heating and power generation. Where one can purchase Wood Pallets at a wholesale pricing on a per-ton basis.

Biomass Wood Pellets – Stick Pellets

buy wood pellets in Germany, wood pellets for sale in Portugal, wholesale providers of european wood pellets, wood pellets for sale in the United Kingdom, wood pellets suppliers, and a wood pellets wholesaler in Madrid are some of the places you may get wood pellets. How much do one thousand pounds of wood pellets cost?

Place your bulk order for affordable pine wood pellets sold at wholesale prices. Where to purchase pine wood pellets of a superior quality in large quantities.

Fuel made from wood pellets is a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy. It is an alternate kind of home heating that burns cleanly and has a constant cost.

wood pellets Burning is an efficient way to convert millions of tons of waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills or the lumber industry into usable electricity. Find out where you can get Wood Pallets for a Wholesale Price. what is the cost of one ton of wood pellets?

Because of the ease with which they can be handled and distributed, they are an excellent choice for use in automatic heating systems. Wholesale wood pellet fuel is sustainable and less causes damage to the environment than other types of fuel. As a result, there is wholesale availability of wood pellets.

Where to buy Wood Pallets Online

Because it takes in the same amount of carbon while it is growing that it releases when it is burned as a fuel, it does not contribute any additional carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Wood pellets of the highest quality are now available for purchase at the factory price. Enplus A1 represents the quality class.

Therefore, the price of wood pellets per ton in 2022 will be FSC certified. 100% pine. The diameter is exactly 6 millimeters. 3.15 in. in length.

Make an inquiry about the cost of shipping wood pellets from European ports. what is the cost of one ton of wood pellets? The cost of wood pellets in the area.

Wood pellet fuel is a significant contributor to the world’s energy supply, ranking as the fourth most important fuel after coal, oil, and natural gas.

Whoever is interested in this line of work is essentially making a contribution to the planet Earth, which is the home country of human beings. Enplus is the number one wholesale provider of wood pellets.

Our premium EN Plus A1 certified wood pellets

Our premium EN Plus A1 certified wood pellets. To provide a full quotation tailored to your needs, kindly send us an inquiry with the following details:

  • Desired order quantity in metric tons
  • Preferred wood pellet specifications (size, wood type, quality grade)
  • Packaging requests (15kg bags or big bags)
  • Shipping destination port

Our EN Plus A1 wood pellets are 100% pine, 6mm diameter, 3.15mm length. We offer competitive pricing per metric ton for wholesale Volume discounts apply for bulk orders.

Wood pellets can be shipped in full container loads to ports worldwide. Lead time is typically 2-3 weeks to major destinations. We handle all shipping and documentation.

Please send your official request for quotation and we will be happy to provide our best pricing for your quantity and specifications. We look forward to the opportunity to supply you with premium quality EN Plus A1 certified wood pellets and become your reliable supplier.


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