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Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Medium Crate

Specification Details
Moisture Content: 15-18% approximately
Average Log Length 25cm approximately
Log Diameter Range 5-15cm
Wood Type Hardwood (solid ash)
Product Form Crate of split firewood logs
Crate Dimensions Height: 1.18m . Length: 1.15m ,  Depth: 1.08m
Crate Volume Approximately: 1.5 cubic meters
Weight Per Crate: 590kg approximately
Estimated Log Count: 70-90 logs per crate
Log Arrangement: Stacked lengthwise
Crate Construction Wood pallet base for forklift handling: Slat sides for airflow
Shipping:   truck or trailer
Storage Can be stacked up to 3 crates high:  Store in a covered, ventilated area


Kiln Dried Ash Firewood – A Premium Heating Choice

For those looking for an efficient, clean burning firewood, our Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Medium Crate is an excellent option. Ash has long been preferred by wood stove owners for its quality fuel properties. Our specialized kiln drying process maximizes the benefits of ash firewood, while the medium crate provides the perfect quantity for small spaces.

What Makes Ash Such a Good Firewood?

Ash firewood has a number of characteristics that make it a top choice for heating purposes:

  • Dense grain and high BTU output – Ash can produce up to 23 million BTUs per cord when properly dried. This means more heat energy per volume compared to less dense woods.
  • Low moisture content – Even when freshly cut, ash wood has a moisture content of 20-30%. This is favorable compared to other hardwoods that start at over 60% moisture content. Lower moisture equals better combustion.
  • Easy ignition – Ash has high flammability. It lights quickly and burns efficiently. This makes it excellent for easy startup and sufficient overnight burns.
  • Clean burn – With minimal sap, ash firewood burns cleanly. It produces less smoke, sparks and popping noises than woods like pine or spruce. Less mess and creosote residue in your chimney.
  • Attractive appearance – The natural light brown to creamy white color of ash makes for an inviting, cozy fire.

When sourced from sustainably managed forests, ash is a renewable, environmentally sound heating fuel. It’s among the best burning species for wood stoves and fireplaces.

Kiln Drying Improves Performance

We use specialized kilns to reduce the moisture content of our ash firewood to 15-20%. This kiln drying process has advantages over traditional air drying:

  • Quicker drying time – Kilns can dry ash firewood in 7-14 days, while air drying takes at least 6 months.
  • Better moisture control – Kiln drying evenly removes moisture versus uneven air drying.
  • No re-wetting – Once kiln dried, the wood won’t re-absorb moisture during storage or delivery.
  • Fewer impurities – The kiln heat kills insects, fungi and potential allergens in the wood.
  • Higher heat value – With lower moisture, kiln dried ash has a higher BTU per cord than air dried.
  • Cleaner burn – Less moisture means lower smoke and creosote production.

With these benefits, our kiln dried ash firewood lights fast, burns efficient and hot, and produces more heat energy per volume.

Kiln dried ash firewood medium crate near me- Ideal Ash Firewood Package

Our medium ash firewood crates have exterior dimensions of 4 feet long by 2 feet wide by 1.5 feet tall.

  • Holds approximately 1/3 cord of ash firewood
  • Weight is 100-120 pounds when dried
  • Easy for one person to handle
  • Stackable for compact storage
  • Built-in pallet for forklift moving

This crate size is perfect for:

  • Weekend cabin getaways
  • Outdoor wood boilers
  • Fire pits and chimeneas
  • Smaller wood stoves
  • Fireplace insert combustion chambers

It can supplement your existing firewood supply or be used as a stand-alone heat source for smaller spaces. The crate provides an affordable and convenient way to purchase premium-grade ash firewood.


Kiln dried ash firewood medium crate price

Firewood That Delivers – At a Price That Heats

Our medium kiln dried ash firewood crates provide an ideal bulk fuel solution at a price guaranteed to warm your hearth.

  • 1.2 cubic meter crate dimensions: 120cm x 116cm x 86cm
  • Filled with 100% premium ash logs kiln dried to 15-18% moisture
  • Approx. weight 445kg – lighter than oak for easier handling
  • Neatly stacked for max load stability and airflow during transport
  • Built on a wood pallet base for forklift/jack handling


  • Single crate: €329.99
  • 2 crates: €299.99 each (over €60 in savings!)
  • 3 crates: €279.99 each (over €150 in savings!)
  • 5 crates: €259.99 each (over €350 in savings!)

Buy more and save more! Our tiered discount pricing rewards higher volume purchases to help keep your home fires burning affordably all season long.

Add the long-lasting heat and ambiance of kiln dried ash to your home. Order your medium firewood crate today!

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Order Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Today

Don’t settle for low quality or wet firewood that burns inefficiently this season. Our Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Medium Crate are the ideal solution. Simply order online and schedule contactless delivery to your home.

Burn responsibly this winter with natural hardwood while supporting sustainable forestry. The beautiful glow and comforting warmth of ash firewood creates the perfect atmosphere for cozy nights at home.



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