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OX Cow Gallstones for sale


We are a leading supplier of high-quality natural ox/cow gallstones. We provide Quality Dried Ox Gallstones for Sale Online at Low Prices.



What is a Ox Cow Gallstone

Buy bulk   Ox Cow Gallstones online and Ox Gallstones. Gallstones form in a variety of bovines, primarily dependent on their age and food.  They are primarily found in the gallbladder. The pharmacopeia makes use of ox gallstones.

OX Cow Gallstone uses

Because of their sedative, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic effects, they have medical applications. They are very useful for hepatic treatment, and this is a very scarce product.  We do  specialized in cow gallstones. Gallstones in the ox Gallstones in cattle Gallstones in cows

Product information

After removing the gallstones from the cattle, they are thoroughly cleanse with cold water to eliminate blood clots, pollutants, and other contaminants.

After washing, they are dried for two to three weeks in a dark, well-ventilated atmosphere at about 20 degrees Celsius. The stones must be moved on a regular basis to allow for proper drying and to prevent them from sticking together. The stones are placed in hermetically sealed bags after they have completely dried.

Classification and quality of Ox Cow Gallstone

The following characteristics are in high demand:

color yellow gold orange;

low specific weight stones

huge rocks;

bilirubin content of at least 35%;

Dark stones are also in demand, although the costs are significantly lower.

The following stone specifications are traded:

SampleWhole StonesBroken StonesOx Cow Gall Powder


Natural Ox Cow Gallstones supplier specifications:

PackagingBulk packing
Place of OriginAustria
Brand NameGallstone
Model NumberCow Ox Gallstone


Packing details

  • There are two available sizes:
    • 1L:
      • Carton size is 362324cm
      • Packing is 12pcs/carton
      • Quantity per 20GP container is 1260 cartons
      • Quantity per 40GP/40HQ container is 2289 cartons
    • 2L:
      • Carton size is 373029.5cm
      • Packing is 8pcs/carton
      • Quantity per 20GP container is 765 cartons
      • Quantity per 40GP/40HQ container is 1717 cartons



100% Whole Stones

Our 100% whole gallstones maintain their natural shape and integrity. These stones are carefully hand-selected to ensure no breakage or defects. Ideal for applications where whole stone appearance is required.

90% Whole Stones / 10% Broken

This blend combines mostly intact whole stones with a small portion of broken gallstone fragments. It retains primarily whole stone visuals while increasing surface area.

80% Whole Stones / 20% Broken

With 80% whole stones and 20% broken fragments, this blend provides good visual appeal with additional surface area for dissolution. An economical option.

70% Whole Stones / 30% Broken

A 70/30 blend of whole and broken stones. The higher percentage of fragments increases dissolution rates. Retains some whole stone integrity.

60% Whole Stones / 40% Broken

This blend has 60% visually intact whole stones and 40% broken stone fragments. Provides a moderate level of whole stone visual appeal.

100% Broken Stones

Our 100% broken gallstone pieces have been finely crushed and powdered to maximize surface area and dissolution speed. Appearance is a uniform powder.

100% Ox Gall Powder

Pure powdered ox gallstones. This is finely pulverize for fast dissolution. Use when stone appearance is unimportant.

100% Cow Gall Powder

Powdered cow gallstones. Ultra-fine powder provides pure cow gallstone composition in an easy to use powdered form.

100% Goat Gall Powder

Powdered goat gallstones. Like our other gall powders, this is a fast-dissolving fine powder perfect for applications where stone appearance is not needed.

We have providers of ox gallstones from Australia, Argentina, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and a variety of other nations.

We sell our gallstones directly to the largest Chinese traditional medicine makers in mainland China, Hong Kong, and France.

As a result, our purchasing price is incomparable!

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We directly offer our gallstones to the largest producers of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, France, and mainland China.

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Enjoy numerous advantages of the top-notch cow gallstones for sale offered on The high-quality cow gallstones for sale include intriguing substances and parts that improve your life in a variety of ways, including your health and appearance.

They come in a wide range of forms and packing types so that every customer may buy the best quality cow gallstones for sale for either personal use or commercial usage.

These top-notch cow gallstones are available for  sale , and their advantages are undeniable as a result of their scientific research and acceptable animal origins.

To guarantee the undeniable quality of these excellent ox cow gallstones for sale, the extraction procedures are rigorously regulate and continuously monitore.

You may be sure that the high-grade ox cow gallstones for sale will provide you with the greatest benefits thanks to unquestionable quality standards.




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