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Desperados Tequila Beer 330ml Wholesale

Desperados Tequila Beer 330ml Wholesale

Product Information for Desperados Beer:

  • Available in 250ml bottles and cans.
  • Packaging: 24 bottles per box.
  • Pallet Information: 26 pallets per 40ft container.
  • Carton Information: 91 cartons x 24 cans (250ml) per pallet.
  • Total Cartons in a 40ft dry container: 2366 cartons.
  • Loading Capacity for a 20ft container:
    • 2,240 boxes x 24 cans and bottles (330ml)
    • 1,520 boxes x 24 cans and bottles (500ml)
    • 1,010 boxes x 24 bottles (330ml)
  • Available in cans and bottles with sizes of 250ml, 330ml, and 500ml.
  • Ready for international delivery at competitive prices.

Desperados Beer is your choice for quality and convenience, perfect for international distribution.


Desperados tequila beer 330ml wholesale usa

Beer 330ml Desperados Tequila Wholesale. The first tequila-flavored beer in the world is called Desperados. a unique brew that combines a Tequila flavor boost with a full-bodied lager. A mild and cooling flavor profile with citrus and peppery undertones for sweetness.

Desperados tequila beer 330ml wholesale price

The first tequila-flavored beer in the world is called Desperados. A remarkable blend of robust lager and a burst of tequila taste.

A mild and cooling flavor profile with citrus and peppery undertones for sweetness.

The Desperados Beer was created through “wild experimentation” when our master brewer changed the laws by fusing beer and tequila.

This led to the emergence of a new beer market! Price Of Beer Suppliers Desperados Tequila.

Desperados is a tequila-flavored beer with a light, crisp flavor that is blended with peppery and lemon notes for sweetness, making it ideal for warm-weather events.



Product Information
MeaningBeer is a well-known alcoholic beverage typically made from malted barley, hops, yeast, and water. It is produced through a fermentation process that results in an alcoholic content.
Type of ProductLager
Alcohol Content (%)4.7
DiversitySteam beer
Processing TypeDraft beer
PackageDesperado Beer is available in various packaging options, including bottles, boxes, jars (canned), and cartons. This diverse range of packaging ensures flexibility for consumers.
Best Before DateDesperado Beer has a recommended shelf life of 24 months from the date of production, ensuring its freshness and quality over an extended period.
Weight (kg)Each container of Desperado Beer contains 0.33 kilograms of this delightful beverage.
Place of OriginDesperado Beer is proudly produced in Germany, known for its rich brewing tradition and quality standards.
Additional Information
Packaging TypeDesperado Beer is conveniently packaged in trays containing 24 bottles or cans, each with a capacity of 250 ml. This packaging format is designed for ease of handling and storage.
AromaDesperado Beer boasts a natural aroma, enhancing the drinking experience by providing an authentic and pleasing scent.
Packaging Capacity: AgingFor those looking to age or store Desperado Beer, it is available in various capacities, including 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, and 5000L. This range of options accommodates different preferences for aging and storage.


Additional Information of Desperados tequila beer:-

Appearance: Desperados Beer exhibits a bright, golden-yellow hue with a clear, see-through quality. It features a dense and enduring white foam head.

Aroma: The beer offers a prominent tequila fragrance, complemented by subtle hints of citrus and corn.

Taste/Characteristics: Expect a mild bitterness coupled with delightful and invigorating tequila and lemon undertones, culminating in a finish that highlights the presence of hops.

Fermentation Type: Desperados Beer undergoes a process of cool fermentation during its production.

Beer Type: Classified as a Lager Beer, it is enhanced with the infusion of tequila aromas for a distinctive flavor.

Recommended Pairings: For an excellent culinary match, consider serving Desperados Beer alongside Mexican dishes, spicy cuisine, sushi, or wok-cooked meals.

Preparation and Serving: Best enjoyed when well-chilled, directly from the refrigerator.

Storage: To maintain its quality, please reference the “Best before end” date indicated on the bottle.


wholesale Packaging of Desperados  

Bottle Size: 330ml standard long-neck brown glass bottle
  • Packaging: Bottles are packaged in cardboard cartons containing 24 bottles per carton.
  • Carton Dimensions: Approx 330mm x 250mm x 340mm
  • Carton Weight: 8.2 kg when full.
  • Pallet Configuration: 26 cartons per layer x 5 layers high.
  • 130 cartons containing 3,120 bottles per pallet.
  • Labelling: Wholesale cartons feature product details, batch codes, best before date.
  • Standard Euro Pallet: 1200mm x 800mm footprint.
  • Pallet Weight: Approximately 1,100 kg when full.
  • Durable construction: Designed to withstand exporting and distribution.

Quality Inspection

  • Product Testing: Samples may be pulled for lab analysis to confirm alcohol percentage, food safety criteria, and flavor/quality benchmarks are met.
  • Shipment Inspections: Import/customs inspectors may examine random shipments to check for proper documentation, accurate coding, no contamination or damage, etc.
  • Licensing Review: Brewery and import licenses will be reviewed to ensure valid and current.

Our Means Of Shipment

  • Break Bulk Shipments: When container volume is insufficient, Desperados pallets can be loaded as break bulk cargo. Provides flexibility but slightly higher cost than full containers.
  • Parcel/Courier Shipments: Feasible for very small export orders and samples. Individual boxes are consolidated with other parcels. Transit times around 3-10 days typically.


Minimum Order

  • Minimum Order: Usually 1-2 pallets or 30-60 cartons.
  • Carton Quantity: Each carton contains 24 x 330ml bottles.
  • Pallet Quantity: 26 cartons per layer x 5 layers = 130 cartons per pallet.
  • Pallet Breakdown:
    • 1 pallet = 3,120 bottles
    • 2 pallets = 6,240 bottles
  • Full Container Load:
    • 20ft container fits approx 24-26 pallets (75,000 – 80,000 bottles)
    • 40ft container fits approx 50-52 pallets (155,000 – 165,000 bottles)
  • Lead Time: 3-6 weeks typically from purchase order to delivery


Where Do We Ship To?

Desperados Tequila Beer is exported globally to many international markets. Some of the major countries imported to include:

  • United Kingdom – The top export market for Desperados, especially popular in bars/nightclubs. Shipped regularly via container from Netherlands to UK ports.
  • United States – Large import demand for Desperados as a novel tequila flavored beer. Shipped in refrigerated containers into east/west coast US ports.

  Other top quality beers available for export at

We have a wide selection of top quality beers available for export at competitive prices.

Some of the most popular brands we can source include Budvar, Budweiser, Carlsberg, Stella Artois, Beck’s, Paulaner, Hoegaarden, Guinness, Grolsch, Tyskie, Peroni, Corona, Desperados, Kronenbourg 1664, Strongbow, Somersby, Heineken, Duvel, Chimay, Fosters, and many more.

We can provide a mix of different brands, styles and package sizes based on your preferences to fill a 20ft or 40ft container load. Just specify the brands, quantities and package types you would like quoted.

Our beers are of European origin and the highest quality. We can offer EXW prices out of our warehouse in Rotterdam. You would be responsible for arranging onward ocean freight.


Discover the unique fusion of tequila and beer with our Desperados Tequila Beer 330ml, the perfect choice for wholesale. Elevate your beverage selection and excite your customers with the bold flavors of Desperados. Make a statement with this exceptional blend of tradition and modernity, available in bulk for your retail needs. Choose Desperados for a wholesale partnership that adds a touch of tequila-infused excellence to your shelves.


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