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Buy Corn Grits Wholesale Supplier

Buy Corn Grits Wholesale Supplier

Product: Corn Grits

Quantity: Available for Wholesale

Certification: Non-GMO and Quality Assured

Packaging: Bulk Packaging Options

Competitive Pricing: Enjoy Cost-effective Rates

Why Choose Us: If the UK market is saturated, we hunt local and international buyers worldwide.


  • Reliable Supplier: Trusted in the Industry
  • High Quality: Meeting Stringent Standards
  • Non-GMO: Verified for Quality
  • Competitive Pricing: Affordable Wholesale Rates



What are corn grits?

Buy Corn Grits Wholesale Supplier are a type of coarsely ground cornmeal made from dried and hulled corn kernels. They are a staple ingredient in many cuisines, especially in the Southern United States, and are know for their versatility and wide range of culinary applications.

These products are not only highly nutritious but also come at affordable prices. Additionally, we package them in a hygienic manner. If you’re interested in buying  wholesale corn grits, we’re your ideal choice.

Situated in the heart of the UK’s finest corn raw material market and holding a leading position in trading maize products, we proudly present ourselves as a dependable partner with strong connections to both our clients and the farmers who produce top-quality corn (maize). Our prices are the most competitive in the market, making us a trustworthy, long-term supplier of corn.

Maize serves a dual purpose, being suitable for human consumption and as animal feed. Moreover, we offer a range of other corn products, including Maize/Corn Grits, Corn Flour (Maize), Cornmeal, DDGS Rice Grits, Rice Flour, Bengal Gram Grits, Bengal Gram Flour (Besan), Masa flour, Maize Grits, Maize Flour, and more.

These products serve as vital raw materials for the snack industry, providing nutritious food and improving the lives of millions worldwide.


– Composition: Dried corn (maize) coarsely grounded into grits
– Particle Size: Varies, typically 0.6-2 mm grits
– Moisture Content: Max 14%
– Protein Content: 6-9%
– Fat Content: 1-4%
– Ash Content: Max 2%
– Free of impurities, adulterants, and infestation

Commercial Information:

Buy Corn Grits Wholesale Supplier

  • Packaging: 25kg multi-wall paper sacks, poly lined bags or 1-2 tonne bulk bags
  • Packs per Pallet: 25kg bags – 40 packs per pallet
  • Bulk bags – shipped individually
  • Minimum Order: Full pallet (25kg bags) or 1 bulk bag (1+ tonnes)
  • Delivery: Ex-works from supplier warehouse or delivered to buyer’s location at additional freight cost
  • Lead Time: 1-3 weeks from purchase order to dispatch
  • Shipping: Lorry, container ship or railway; documents provided
  • Certifications: BRC, HACCP, Organic (if specified)
  • Shelf Life: Up to 24 months in cool, dry storage conditions
  • Customization: Options for organic, non-GMO, custom packaging/labelling
  • Quality Checks: Certificate of Analysis provided if requested
  • Quotes: Pricing per metric tonne, VAT applicable


what is corn grits use for


Perhaps the most well-known use of corn grits is to make a popular Southern dish known as “grits.” Grits are a hot cereal made by boiling ground corn grits in water or milk until they reach a creamy or porridge-like consistency. They are often served as a side dish for breakfast or as a base for dishes like shrimp and grits.


Corn grits are use to make polenta, an Italian dish made by cooking cornmeal (usually coarser than traditional grits) with water or broth. Polenta can be serve soft and creamy or allowed to cool and solidify, then sliced and grilled, baked, or fried.


Corn grits or cornmeal are essential ingredients in cornbread, a type of bread popular in the Southern United States. Cornbread can be bake in various forms, including cornbread muffins and skillet cornbread.

Corn Cakes:

Corn grits are use to make corn cakes or corn pancakes, which are a delicious breakfast or snack option. These can be sweet or savory and are often served with toppings like syrup or salsa.

Breading and Coating:

Corn grits can be use as a breading or coating for fried foods, including chicken, fish, and vegetables. They provide a crispy texture and a slightly sweet flavor.

Thickening Agent:
In some recipes, corn grits are use as a thickening agent for soups, stews, and gravies. They can add a unique texture and flavor to these dishes.

Side Dishes:

Corn grits can be serve as a side dish in place of rice or potatoes, often flavored with herbs, cheese, or other seasonings.


Corn grits can be incorporate into desserts like puddings, custards, and cakes for added texture and flavor.

Tamale Filling:

In Mexican cuisine, corn grits are use as a filling for tamales, a traditional dish made from masa (corn dough) wrapped in corn husks and steamed.

Savory Dishes:

Corn grits can be use in various savory dishes, such as casseroles, stuffing, and even as a base for grain bowls.


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